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This is your chance to join our ecosystem early in one of the most essential roles within ChainStats. Without the decentralized validation at scale from our Chain Guardians, the vision wouldn’t be possible!
We look forward to seeing you on the other side of the Node Portal, ChainStats

About Chainstats

Make OnChain Data Available For Everyone!

ChainStats is a cutting edge on-chain data focused company building towards the vision of unlocking the true potential of what blockchain data can bring to our world.

The story begins with our team starting out as regular participants in this space researching, developing & analyzing the space, where there was one main point they all had in common. The industry lacks the infrastructure for a platform to utilize blockchain in its most pure foundational level, that being the use cases around on-chain data. With that the ChainStats vision was formed.

The ChainStats ecosystem continues to evolve over time with the industry through decisions voted by the community within our Node Portal.


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Unleash The Power of Data

All-in-one solution that allows users to discover the power of on-chain data and unlock insights with blockchain technology like never before.
What We Are

Hello! Blockchain never sleep


Aggregated On-Chain Data

Gain access to a comprehensive suite of on-chain and network activity data for top blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum & many more with our industry-grade solution.

Wallet Tracking

Track, monitor & bookmark the activity of other crypto wallets across different networks seamlessly. With real-time updates and detailed insights, you have the data at your hands to stay up to date & informed about the activity in any ecosystem.

Explorer Filtering

Filter and explore various blockchain ecosystems. With real-time updates and complete access to all on-chain transactions & activities. You can customize and filter your on-chain experience however you’d like.

Welcome to ChainStats

Project RoadMap

Phase 01
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Phase 02
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Phase 03
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Phase 04
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Phase 05
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Why Chainstats

Easily Tap Into Advanced Infrastructure

With the infrastructure of proper utilization of blockchain technology being such a novel concept. Our platform leverages both the data from DLT & the benefits of decentralization in data verification to bring the accurate and aggregated data for however you may wish to utilize it in your analysis.

Multiple Data Centers

Our technology enables us to operate in multiple data centers for improved redundancy, further decentralization and distribution of our data.

Unlimited Data Aggregation

As the blockchain space is ever evolving, we are committed to continue uniting more blockchain networks to be aggregated within our Node Portal for application users to utilize the data.

Full Blockchain Nodes

We integrate nodes from various networks within our Node Portal to bring the most transparent & accurate data for every blockchain ecosystem we support.

24/7 Support

Whichever part of our ecosystem you may require assistance for, our support team is available 24/7 to ensure your on-chain experience is as smooth & enjoyable as it can be.


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Frequently Asked Questions

While theres countless current on-chain data services on the market, the majority are focused on a specific niche requiring users to purchase multiple subscriptions to see the full landscape. Additionally the infrastructure to properly utilize on chain data is missing; query searching, filtering, interface customizations, block explorers from different networks. These should all be tools we can utilize at to maximize what we can do with on-chain data, but are unfortunately missing… Enter ChainStats.
Beyond utilizing our application for research and information on statistics that would normally of been buried away. The ChainStats ecosystem brings roles to be filled & benefits to every member within the community. Whether you’re looking to assist in validating the data within our Node Portal to be displayed on the application, wishing to help with decisions in the forward progression of ChainStats, or looking to build your own applications utilizing on-chain data. The ChainStats ecosystem has a spot for you.

Regardless of where you are or what your role is in the market, adding on-chain analysis is a great skill to add to your arsenal.

If you research & analyze specific blockchain ecosystems, the transparency from the data directly sourced from these blockchain ecosystems will provide all the data you need.

If you’re a technicals focused participant always keeping an eye on the charts ensuring you’re caught up with the volatile market movements. The data from aggregated wallets & exchanges will be an absolute game changer.

If you’re just starting out your journey in blockchain or are a casual participant, the ChainStats application will have all you need to understand whats going on in the most efficient & minimalistic manner.

If you’re a developer or enterprise, we provide our data to be extracted as a service into your own applications to add further transparency & quality of data being utilized however you see fit.

The vision for ChainStats started out with our core team working directly in the areas of research & analysis within the industry realizing that the current landscape to actually use the data stored within blockchain technology was missing.

From siloed data platforms, clunky & inefficient block explorers & a lack of data transparency. We realized that this segment of the industry would need some innovation before on-chain data could be properly utilized at scale.

This has since led us to building out the vision for ChainStats, where agnostic & aggregated on-chain data is fully accessible to any participant to use to their liking. Additionally we are also blending the incentivization structures of Web3 to build upon the importance of decentralization & global community inclusion.

The ChainStats team is divided into multiple departments to best utilize our individual assets & strong points.

Spearheading the initiative is ChainStats CEO & Founder Brian Jun. The overall vision for ChainStats was initially developed by Brian & to date he continues leading the team decisions to find the best path in fulfilling the long term success of on-chain data, and in return ChainStats.

The brains and tech that allows the system to run is led by ChainStats CTO Joshua Milbers. With a strong background in developing software and building within Web3, Josh provides essential connections and knowledge in finding the fitting pieces to carry out the ChainStats vision.

The marketing & community progressions are conducted by our Marketing Lead Tokenicer. In having a community around regulated utilities of blockchain technology of his own, the ethos of both regulated DLT & mass industry utilization of on-chain data is a perfect harmony allowing Tokenicer to be a well fit guide for the community towards future news & development of the ChainStats mission.

Be sure to follow us @ChainStatsPro on our social media platforms, in addition to joining our Discord community for live events and discussions. 

Please reach out to for any specific inquiries or questions.

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