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About Us

Make OnChain Data Available For Everyone!

Our on-chain ecosystem leverages the decentralization of community and immutability of blockchain technology to create an aggregated platform that brings the utility of this innovative technology in its purest form of raw blockchain data to be analyzed however one finds fitting. With our solution, long gone are the days of fragmented, siloed & non user centric data.

#ChainStats Fam

Our Values & Community

The roots of our overall vision and goal began with our community. It’s not only a core part to our continued development, but it will be an integral component to the full #ChainStats objective. From assisting in data validation, voting for future developments & network integrations, to our goals beyond the application with building a unified family one can call home.

Our Team

Brian Jun

CEO & Co-Founder

Harry Nicholls

Web3 Developer

Joshua Milbers

Project Manager

Dipto Roy

Web Developer

Josiah Johnson

Creative Director
Work With Us

On-Chain Data

Fundamental Analysis
Monitor Network Activity
Technical Analysis
Aggregate, Filter & Trace

Without ChainStats

Scattered Data Across Multiple Platforms

Inefficient & timely to trace specific wallets

Web2 Infrastructure, no community inclusivity

With ChainStats

Customizable All-In-One On Chain Ecosystem

Query Search With Multiple Custom Specifications

Community roles to validate & provide on-chain data

Chainstats app

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Leverage the power of ChainStats data to develop your onchain-data application.




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